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History (Central)

- The school known as "Little Brick", on the corner of Randolph and Hill, became Champaign's first official high school.

Little Brick

1889-1890 - The "Little Brick" school building was torn down after the consolodation of school districts 1 and 2 on April 28. The new building was going to be placed near the center of the high school-age population.

1892-1893 - The new high school building, located on High and Randolph, was completed.

1897-1898 - On November 9, the school board pledged $260 to help Champaign High School build its first industrial arts shop, where both Industrial Arts and Home Ec. were going to be taught. It was completed on March 8, 1898.

1908-1909 - Two girls from the class of 1912 created a handwritten newspaper, the "Daily Gossip", possibly the forebearer of the Chronicle.

1909-1910 - A new athletic association was formed. It officially started on September 30, 1909. The first edition of the "Maroon" yearbook was published. It even included the entire text of a play to fill up space, as not many students were present yet.

1910-1911 - A new annual oratorical (speech) contest was created. A new debating class was created.

1911-1912 - The enrollment jumped . . . to 480 students.

1914-1915 - After a fire, a new building for Champaign High School was built. The building is now Edison Middle School.

Little Brick
Little Brick

1933-1934 - The current building was constructed and became Champaign's new junior high school. It was constructed in accordance with and by order of the Federal Emergancy Administration of Public Works.

1942-1943 - The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, bringing the United States of America into World War II. Some Seniors are drafted into the army, and other Juniors and Seniors voluntarily enroll, dropping the population of Champaign High School from 925 to 815.

1953-1954 - The current CHS building building ceased to be a middle school.

1954-1955 - The "Peparoons", one of many Champaign H.S. school spirit groups, created "Max Maroon", a large, huggable bear who was the mascot of this school until recently. He has gradually faded away, and is no longer seen at most school events.

1955-1956 - This building and what is now Edison Middle School switched functions, making them what they are today; Edison became a middle school and this building became Champaign High School.

1965-1966 - In June of '66, three sisters who went to Central opened a successful dress store.

1966-1967 - Centennial High School was completed. This school's name was still kept "Champaign High School" for a few months. Centennial was named so because 1967 was the "Centennial" (hundredth) anniversery of the first Champaign High School. The name of this school was changed from Champaign High School to its current name, Central High School. It was changed around late December 1966 or early January 1967, with heated controversery among the students.

1969-1970 - For the first time, a Junior was the editor of the Yearbook.

1975-1976 - Central and Centennial work together to build a house. It's starting price was $55,000.

1977-1978 - Edison Junior High becomes Edison Middle School

1979-1980 - Four PLATO computers with the FORTRAN IV programming language were loaned to Central from the University. Although crude by today's standards, PLATO was state-of-the-art at the time. Peer Ears, a CHS group devoted to resolving conflicts between students peacefully, was started in February 1980, with an initial membership of 24.

1987-1988 - Over 10,500 different Jazz Bands from around the world submitted audition tapes for the International Jazz and Orchestra Clinic. Only CHS was chosen to perform at the clinic.

1988-1989 - Central was presented with the "Excellence in Education" award by the U.S. Department of Education. On September 28, 1989, Dr. Wojtena, the principal, Mr. Beck of the English deptartment, and Ms. Rassmusen of the Physical Education and Health department traveled to Washington D.C. to receive the award from President George Bush himself! This school was rated one of the top 218 in the country.

1991-1992 - On October 28, 1991, Jesse Jackson visited Central High School.

1994-1995 - The deans began to use walkie-talkies to communicate with the office and each other.

Two Central WWW sites were created; one unofficial one by two Central students, and the other official one, by four Central students in Desktop Publishing. Alas, both sites have since died.

1995-Today - Champaign Central High School continues its tradition of scholarly, artistic, and athletic excellence.
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