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Please add yourself to the online alumni database by registering today! Just click the Register link to the right to get started.

Benifits of registering:

  • Access to profile software that will allow you to add yourself to a directory and search for fellow members, much like a paper directory.
  • Access to forum software. Instead of using mailing lists, phone trees or even just word of mouth you will be able to plan and organize events via an easy to use forum software hosted on this website.

Benifits of being an Alumni Association Member:

  • Access to the online yearbook photo gallery (see the "Archives" link on the right for more information).
  • When the forum software is complete you will have access to a special area within the site that contains archived newsletters and possibly member's only forums.
  • Knowing that your contribution and membership is strengthening the Centennial family.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2008 19:08